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Our terms of service are to be taken into consideration and adhered to at all times when using the site. All users are advised that access to this site and the use of the services detailed therein are strictly conditional upon your confirmation that you comply fully with our terms of use. By proceeding to surf or otherwise using this site, you signify your unequivocal acceptance of these and any other terms prevailing at this or at any future time.

Governing Law

The governing law imposed will be that of the United States, the country in which is based and from which all services are provided.


The relationship between you (the user) and us (, our agents and partners) is that we provide you with access to the referencing material and media contained within our site, which is provided to you on a commercial basis and is, therefore, that of customer and supplier.

Content does host, provide, archive, store, & distribute media of all kind, and acts as an distributor (or directory) of media by filmmakers & producers on the but not limited to the internet. Whereas we do filter all content, we cannot and do not attempt to control, censor, or block any indexed material that may be considered offensive, abusive, libellous, obnoxious, inaccurate, deceptive, unlawful or otherwise distressing neither do we accept responsibility for this content or the consequences of such content being made available.

Material may be inappropriately described or subject to restrictions such as copyright, licensing and other limitations and it is the sole responsibility of the filmmakers & producers having access to such material to comply with any or all lawful obligations arising from such material coming into their possession and, thus mitigate any alleged transgression.

All users warrant that they are 18 years of age or older, and, therefore, qualified to enter into this agreement either as an individual or as a corporate entity. All users undertake to comply with the national laws applicable to the country they reside in and observe the rights inherent in any copyright material whilst upholding the rights of any copyright owner. All users are advised to use caution, discretion, common sense and personal judgment when using or any references detailed within the directory and to respect the wishes of others who may value freedom from censorship, as consenting adults equal to (or possibly superior to) your own personal preferences.

Quality Of Service does provide commercial services and there are implied guarantees as to the availability of service and the speed, operation or function of this site, which is offered on a subscription basis to those who choose to comply with the terms detailed within and access the contents of this site.

Privacy, Spam & Unsolicited Contact

This site will comply with the requirements of any law enforcement or other officials, Courts, Police or others with a legitimate interest in the official investigation or enforcement of law applicable to the country in which our service is provided, United States.

The protection of the rights of others is of paramount importance to, and this extends to your adherence to intellectual property law, the laws prevailing in your country or residence (or any temporary residence), the rights of others to enjoy freedom from slander, libel, defamation, provocation, harassment, discrimination of any kind or any other action that may be deemed offensive by the individual concerned or the management of this site.

Users may not use the site or any facilities provided by us to spam, market or promote any goods, services, membership or other websites.

Intellectual Property - General respects the rights of our filmmakers & producers, and prohibits the use of referenced material or reproduction for any purpose other than that for which it is intended (where such use is lawful and free of civil liability or other constraint) and in such circumstances where possession of such material may have any adverse financial, prejudicial or any other effect on any other third party. is copyrighted, and all rights are reserved, as those are of the proprietors and those of the partners websites material referenced within. Anyone found imitating the site or stealing content from the site will be liable to prosecution.


The term "the site" applies to the site (, its staff, administration, owners, agents, representatives, suppliers and partners. The term "the user" applies to any site visitor who wishes to proceed surfing the site once arriving at


In usage of this site, or by otherwise using this site, you (the user), hereby undertake to adhere to the terms of use detailed herein and any others appended hereto, without evasion, equivocation or reservation of any kind, in the knowledge that failure to comply with the terms will result in suspension or denial of your access to the site and potential legal and civil penalties, together with the right to make the full circumstances publicly known.

Your Privacy is committed to protecting your privacy. does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to any other companies. will not collect any personal information about you except when you specifically and knowingly provide such information when registering for the site. By using our Website, you consent to the collection and use of this information by If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post any changes to this page so that you are always aware of which information we collect, how we use it, and under which circumstances we disclose it.

Updates of our Policy and Terms of Service

As we update and expand the, we may make changes to our policies. Check back for updates to these policies from time to time. You acknowledge that you read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy subsequent to any changes made following your initial consent as well as, your use of the website or continued use of our service after our posting of changes to this policy, means that you agree to be bound by such changes. The most current version of this Privacy Policy can be viewed on our website. The most current version of the Policy will supersede all previous versions.

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